You may think your home’s water is clean, but it could be hiding dangerous secrets. Before it reaches your home, it travels through several miles up pipes and picks up numerous contaminants. The water coming from your taps could contain things like iron, lead, mercury, chlorine, manganese, hydrogen sulfide and even arsenic. While drinking bottled water helps minimize your exposure to harmful contaminants, doing so is expensive and has a harmful impact on the environment. If you want to provide your family with fresh, clean water for drinking, bathing and cooking, we recommend installing a water filtration system.  In addition to providing water that tastes and smells better, a water filtration system will make the water you drink safer and healthier.

How Water Filters Work

There are several types of water filter systems on the market, and while each is a bit different, they all rely on one of two techniques to remove contaminants. Physical filtration acts like a sieve to remove larger contaminants while chemical filtration removes impurities chemically as the water passes through an active material. Reverse osmosis systems are a common example of physical water filters while filters containing activated carbon are chemical filters. Water softeners are another type of water filtration system that removed dissolved minerals from city and well water.

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If you have well water, it likely contains high concentrations of iron. Unfortunately, this common contaminant can be difficult to remove. At DayNight Services, we offer filtration systems that are specifically designed to remove iron in all its forms.

At DayNight Services, we offer several types of water filters. This allows us to provide the perfect solution for any situation. Whether you have city water or well water, your family will likely benefit from having a water filter installed.

Benefits of Water Filter Systems

Water filters remove contaminants that can have a negative impact on your health. Eliminating impurities makes water smell and taste better and can even help you clean more effectively. Without contaminants, you are less likely to notice buildup on your dishes, and your laundry will come out feeling softer and cleaner. Installing a whole-home water filter system is even good for your skin!

At DayNight Services, we are proud to offer a complete range of water filter systems for residents of the Milwaukee area. Contact us today to learn more.

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