Sinks, showers and toilets aren’t the only drains that can clog. Even your laundry drains can develop nasty clogs. This type of clog prevents your washing machine from draining properly, and it can create a major mess in your laundry room. Lint, hair and dirt from dirty laundry builds up in washing machine drain lines and can create clogs that are all by impossible to eliminate. Since laundry lines are often difficult to access, they are not easy to clean. At DayNight Services, we have the knowledge and equipment necessary to tackle any laundry drain cleaning project with ease.

Signs Your Laundry Drain Is Clogged

Diagnosing a clogged laundry drain is pretty easy. If the water does not drain from your washing machine, you have a clog. The tricky part is determining the exact location of the clog. Some blockages develop inside the washing machine in the water pump filter or impellers. Others form in the rubber drain tube that leads from the washing machine to the laundry drain pipe. Clogs can also form in the laundry drain pipe.

Preventing Clogged Laundry Drains

Hair and lint are the most common causes of clogged laundry drains, but they can also occur due to powdered detergent. Powdered laundry soap doesn’t always dissolve completely and creates a sludge that builds up in drain pipes. Switching to liquid detergent could help prevent clogs.

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In many homes, laundry and kitchen drains are connected. Avoid pouring grease down your kitchen sink, and if you have a garbage disposal, don’t put anything in it like bones, fibrous vegetables, fats, etc. These things all tend to build up and cause nasty clogs.

Laundry Drain Cleaning

If you think you may have a clogged laundry drain, don’t try to solve the problem on your own. Contact the expert plumbers at DayNight Service for professional laundry drain cleaning. Call now to schedule an appointment.


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